Just like when choosing a new car which has to be appropriate to our lifestyle and needs, our garments are made using the same concept. That is, when doing intensive sport activities, what counts is to wear something that is appropriate and able to maintain high performance despite the difficulties of a prolonged effort.

What if these garments had multiple advantages like being antibacterial, allergy free, odourless, shock absorbing, highly breathable and humidity reducing after sweating just like a second skin?

These are the objectives that Razza Pura set itself when studying its products and choosing materials, finding itself in a privileged position in which apart from selecting existing options can also push itself into inventing new ones.

All our products are made entirely in Italy.

Q-SKIN is the new microfibre with an inorganic antimicrobial ingredient containing silver ions. An innovative technological solution which reduces bacterial growth and prevents bad odours while maintaining the natural balance of the skin.

Polo shirts made from Q-Skin are hypoallergenic and offer comfort, breathability, hygiene and freshness.
The progressive silver release, with silver ions inserted directly into the fibre, gives high strength and resistance to washing, preserving the characteristics of Q-Skin for a long time.
The silver ions used in the production of Q-Skin comply with the EU Directive N° 528/2012 on biocides and are registered with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in U.S.A. Q-Skin has the environmental certification Ecolabel.
Bacteriostatic effectiveness tested by MIS PLUS Institute in Zurich in compliance with DIN ISO 20743:10-2007 standards and in line with JIS L 1902/02.
Q-Skin is in compliance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Razza Pura breeches are made from Schoeller fabric: hard wearing, breathable, perfect wear ability, high elasticity, crushproof, they meet both technician and stylistic requirements of equestrian sports and in the meantime they mantain elegance and style of the Made in Italy Razza Pura clothes.

Biofit is made from Emana®, a microfiber with bioactive minerals incorporated in its polymeric matrix.

It absorbs the waves emitted by human body, re-emitting them as “FAR INFRARED” waves , also known as FIR. The interaction between the fabric and the skin enhances blood microcirculation and cellular metabolism, making possible the creation of bioactive clothes.


Biofit contributes to a significant reduction of cellulite signs, improves body metabolism and blood microcirculation. Facilitates a continuous massaging effect on the skin with your body's natural movements. Enhances collagen synthesis, improves skin elasticity leading to noticeably younger, smoother, more toned and more elastic skin. Reduces muscle fatigue enhancing sports performance.

Crabyon® and silicone gel
Crabyon is a composite fibre, based on cellulose and a natural polysaccharide called chitosan which promotes Lysozyme secretion. This enzyme combats bacterial buildup preventing bad odours. It also accelerates skin tissue regeneration and wound healing and enhances the body's immunity to disease. So it prevents the problems suffered in the saddle and also helps the rider to recover very quickly and to carry on training normally. These properties are not affected by time and washing since no chemical treatment has been made.

A special shock absorbing insert made from an open-work silicone gel, which is nontoxic, biocompatible and non-irritating to the skin (it is normally used in the field of medicine to prevent pressure sores). It defends from shocks, spreads the pressure and guarantees an optimal blood circulation, prevents irritations, infections and cystitis, allowing optimal breathability and maximum comfort.

The underwear is made from Tactel, a very thin, elastic, high density microfibre, which is very pleasant to the touch. It is highly breathable, guaranteeing the maximum level of comfort in all climatic conditions, while giving a pleasant dry sensation on the skin.

Treatments and manufacturing systems applied to Tactel:

  • SEAMLESS texture, without seems, offers a perfect wear ability and is close fitting on the skin.
  • RUCO-ICE is a permanent treatment that is able to increase the garment's breathability to over 30%, ensuring an incredibly fast wicking of sweat that allows the material to dry quickly during and after the sport activity.
  • DUAL MOISTURE MANAGEMENT is a treatment that is able to keep the body at the optimum temperature of 37°C, in all climatic conditions (both extreme hot or cold) like a real thermo regulator. It also makes the garment softer and has antistatic properties.
  • SILVER PLUS is a treatment that eliminates bacteria preventing bad odours, even after several hours of intensive sports activity.

Lenpur is the result of a technological innovation which has skilfully mixed wood and fibres to obtain a yarn with extraordinary properties.

The socks manufactured from Lenpur are therefore thermo-regulating, breathable, absorbing and prevent bad odours. Their main features are softness, graduated elasticity and impalpability.

Skinlife is a microfibre with bacteriostatic and hypoallergenic features. The presence of the silver ions in the yarn eliminates the annoying electrostatic charges and reduces bad odours, keeping the natural balance of bacteria on the skin.

Socks manufactured from Skinlife offer softness, comfort and freshness with a quick moisture evaporation.

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