Down jacket - Woman

The fabric used for Razza Pura down jackets has been treated with a waterrepellent finishing and has been tested following stringent tests in accordance with international standards.
Even with heavy rain, drops can easily slip away from the garment and fail to penetrate. The fabric stays dry ensuring a pleasant comfort thanks to its breathability. The special padding, long-lasting and crushproof, uses the microspaces created by the small “cells” that make it up to form an internal “air chamber”. The honeycomb structure of the padding facilitates immediate release of the water vapour that could condense between the body and the garment reducing the effectiveness of insulation. For a total comfort the breathability of a garment is as important as its insulating capacity.

Charcoal grey down vest, rose internal details..

Item # RPDPU004AN - Sizes: XS-S-M-L